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Learn The Secrets of Selling Your Home

September 15th, 2017

5 Tips for Selling Your Home

Many home owners have the desire to sell their home on their own and believe they can do it. There’s nothing wrong with the first part but usually there is something with the second part.

While it is not a rocket science to sell a house, very often we see a lot of owners neglecting some basic principles that are vital for a client to come back with a serious offer.

After years of experience with many home owners and hundreds of clients, here’s a list of 5 important points for selling your home:


1.Know why you are selling it and put a timeframe. Without a timeframe, the process can last forever and without having a very good reason for selling your property, some clients may be intrigued to think there is something wrong with the property without necessarily this being true.


2. Make all necessary preparations inside-outside to have a presentable property. Even if your home is sold at a great market price and a relatively good condition, clients can still be intimidated when they visit a mess or a property with dripping ceilings or dirty walls. Painting your home is the lowest and one of the most important investments to make before a sale.


3. Know your math. Be prepared to pay capital gains tax. This often exceeds our expectations either because we don’t know about it or because we think we will escape it. Be realistic about it and know in advance how much you will need to pay in taxes with the current sales price of your home. There are also ways to reduce it like for example gathering proofs and documents of expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of your property.


4. Be friendly to your clients, even if this is not the best period of your life. A potential client must feel a positive energy when visiting a property that is intended to be their future home. Make sure you give them this.


5. Know your next step. This is an important point because it affects your whole psychology of selling. By knowing what you plan to do after you sell your home, you give a whole new dynamic to the process and make it a successful one.


Alexis Makrides


Sales Manager

@ Top Estates



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One Response to “Learn The Secrets of Selling Your Home”

  1. Excellent advice. Thanks!

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